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JRMA Design Studio is run by its partners, Architect John Rooney and Designer Michael Alvanos.


John Rooney, a long time Vermont resident, has practiced architecture for over 30 years. Born and educated in Ontario, Canada, his family has long been in the Building Trades. John's family owned a lumber yard in Canada where John worked as a young man and where he developed a passion for how buildings work and were put together. He went on to study architecture at the University of Waterloo. An avid skier, he  moved to Vermont to live and ski and eventually raise his family.  He now lives in Shelburne. Prior to that he worked with many notable architecture firms in Canada and Vermont before opening his own Firm in 2010. 


Michael Alvanos, another Vermont resident, has practiced architecture for 15 years.  Born in Burlington, Vermont, his family has roots in commercial and residential development as well owning a number of restaurants. He was educated at UNLV where he received his degree in Architecture. Michael Alvanos has been a long time member of Williston Vermont Planning Commission and supports Smart Growth Intitives and Conservation.




The work of JRMA Design Studio represents a unique blend of conceptualization, technical expertise and attention to the clients needs for detail. Our work is a blend of mixed-use residential, remodels, commercial and high end residential architecture. JRMA Design Studio offers a full range of architectural and design services, from Master Planning and Schematic Design, to Construction Administration. Each project is understood through site analysis, programming, economic and budgetary requirements, materiality and building technology. JRMA Design Studio also combines environmentally innovative design solutions with artistic integrity. 

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