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JRMA Design Studio is a Vermont based group of architects, builders, designers, planners, and thinkers who work primarily in the field of design and architecture. The Studio is currently involved in a number of projects throughout Vermont and Canada and have developed a strong relationship with clients who look to add value through the architectural process.


The process involves a good deal of communication between the client and the designer. This process is at the core of our design studio. In todays challenging world of building, we support a clear understanding of what the client is looking to build and match that with the pragmatic and ever evolving flow of technology.

Lets have a conversation. What are you looking to develop or remodel? Where do some of your inspirations come from? We will discuss your budget, schedule, the site, the builder. We will discuss your expectations and learn about each other and how the dynamic process or architecture works. Where can we be the most effective and what are the best ways to begin and how to we see this project to the end?





We offer a variety of design and development services. Any project, small or large follow a typical process:

Conceptual Design /

Code Analysis, Site Analysis, Programming, Intial Regulatory Compliance with Local Municipaltiy or State Permititng
Schematic Design /

Site Layout, Plans, Elevations, Sections and Permit Level Drawings

Design Development /

Final Plans, Final Elevations, Final Sections, Material Selection, Utilities, Sub-Contractor Coordination, Estimate Level Plans

Construction Documentation /
Production Drawings suitable for construction. These Include Dimentioned Plans, Elevations, Sections and specific Detais which make your project unique. These Plans are also provided to the Town or State for Building Permit Submittal. 

Construction Administration /

The Architect works on behalf of the owner and looks to secure the vision of the owner and architect are in accordance with the Construction Documents. Our involvement also ensures State and Federal Codes are adhered and maintained throughout the construction. This is primarily done through site visits and documention.

Billing and Payments


The fee's associated with any project can vary depending on the complexity of the design and services provided by the respective professionals involved in the project. JRMA Design Studio fees are usually based on the total construction budget. This percentage method is used as a tool to estimate cost. Each project can be broken down and outlined as a "Scope of Services" and given to the owner for review and discussion.

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